US Platinum Bar Up After Three-Day Flat Spell

The price of US platinum bar increased by 3.1 percent on Friday, December 27 to $1,356 per ounce, making it the day’s biggest mover. The price of Chinese platinum bar increased 1.1 percent to CNY 284.00 ($46.83) per gram. Japanese platinum bar prices inched up 0.6 percent to JPY 4,530 ($43.18) per gram.

Japanese palladium bar saw its price rise 0.7 percent to JPY 2,311 ($22.03) per gram. The price of US palladium bar rose by 0.4 percent to $698.00 per ounce. For the fifth day in a row, the price of Chinese palladium bar remained essentially flat at CNY 155.00 ($25.56) per gram.

The price of US gold bullion finished the day at $1,211 per ounce following a 2.0 percent increase. Indian gold bullion prices rose 0.9 percent to INR 28,000 ($451.86) per 10 grams. The price of Chinese gold bullion increased 0.6 percent to CNY 240.40 ($39.64) per gram. Japanese gold bullion prices climbed 0.5 percent to JPY 4,062 ($38.72) per gram. This marked the fifth day in a row of rising prices and the improvement has accelerated since Monday, December 23.

After a 2.9 percent increase, the price of US silver finished the day at $19.80 per ounce. Chinese silver finished the day up 1.4 percent to CNY 4,040 ($666.24) per kilogram. After a 0.8 percent increase, Japanese silver finished the day at JPY 658.00 ($6.27) per 10 grams. At INR 45,668 ($736.99), the price of Indian silver finished the market day up 0.6 percent per kilogram.

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