MetalMiner Week In Review: Steel Hikes, Export Bans and a Zinc Outlook

My favorite weekend show when I was growing up had nothing to do with George Stephanapolous, Cookie Roberts, or whoever wasted space on the cable airwaves.

It was actually the McLaughlin Group.

That Dana Carvey parody is not far from reality. Watching John McLaughlin excoriate not only the public political figures trending that particular week, but especially his poor co-hosts, cracked me up.

So, until I can host my own personal McLaughlin Group-type show (perhaps we’ll incorporate that concept into some videos this year), this roundup will just have to do.

Steel Week 2014!

Well, unofficially, anyway. We featured some good coverage on finished, scrap and electrical steels this past week, including a technical outlook at this year’s markets. If you missed ’em:

Metallic Ore Kibosh

No, not a hot new band, but one of the biggest stories of a young 2014 – what the heck is going to happen to the markets once Indonesia kiboshes those exports?

From A to Zinc

Alright, that one was lazy. But this post sure wasn’t – it was our Most-Read Article of the week:

Happy weekend, MetalMiner readers – and don’t forget to tune into the McLaughlin Group. WRONG!

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