Spanish Cooperatives Beginning to Challenge Electric Utilities

Some Spaniards are moving away from the country’s electric utilities “to form consumer cooperatives that generate or purchase power from renewable energy sources,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

“Their ranks—while still tiny—are being fed by consumer discontent over a government decision to curtail green-energy projects. The defections highlight the latest fallout from a broader debate over green energy now raging across Europe.”

“In Germany, politicians have agreed to rethink green-energy subsidies that have jacked up residential and commercial energy bills and wreaked financial havoc on its two biggest utilities. While in the U.K., higher energy bills, due in part to subsidies, have triggered a political backlash, with opposition politicians promising to freeze energy prices.” [Continue reading…]

In metal price news for the renewables sector…

The past week saw all metals on Renewables MMI® hold steady. Chinese cobalt cathodes didn’t move. The price of silicon did not change since the previous week. Neodymium remained unchanged for the week. Prices for Chinese steel plate remained constant, closing the week.

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The week finished with no movement for Japanese steel plate. Korean steel plate remained essentially flat from the previous week. Following a steady week, prices for Chinese steel plate closed flat. US steel plate prices held steady from the previous week.

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US grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) saw essentially no change for the fifth day in a row.

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