MetalMiner Week in Review: Ford Releases F-150; Alcoa, Novelis Likey

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Star, er, Car Wars are back, baby!

While Star Wars has its place in 1980s Reagan politics and in George Lucas’s brain, Car Wars has its place in MetalMiner’s automotive coverage.

Much like the 1977 film of a similar name, there’s nothing like an original: here’s the first-ever Car Wars post.

* But, before we get to the more fun stuff, be on alert: physical aluminum premiums are shooting up. According to Platts, the benchmark Midwest transaction price “has exploded from 12 cents per lb ($265 per tonne) to 19 cents per lb ($419 per tonne),” as noted by Reuters. Before you or your company make any decisions, read Stuart’s recent take:

Also, we’ll have deeper analysis on premiums early next week. Now, back to the toys.

Aluminum vs. Steel Flares Up…

This time, riding on the heels of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The week has featured a couple thousand words on MetalMiner devoted to the mix of materials that comprise Ford’s new 2015 F-150 pickup truck, namely due to the fact that most of the body has been constructed using aluminum – “military grade aluminum,” no less.

I focused on whether the steel industry sees this move as a threat, while Stuart took the tack of all-aluminum cars having considerably disruptive potential if things work well for the F-150. (Obviously, the likes of Alcoa Inc. and Novelis Inc. are glad they invested in the auto sheet market.) Catch up with those stories here:

Latest Metal Price Outlook


This week, our lead forecasting analyst, Raul de Frutos, took a look at the lead market and came to some conclusions about price movements in the near term.

Lead looks better supported than most of the base metals complex…but it’s still well below its 2011 peak.

More: Indonesian export ban that wasn’t; latest monthly price report!

Let’s Not Forget the Export Ban!

This was a biggie – the Indonesian government’s mineral ore export ban finally went into effect Jan. 12…well, sort of. While several key metals are still affected, such as nickel, others had been exempted at the last minute. Here’s our take on the nitty-gritty:

Latest Analysis: Monthly Metals Price Trends


Finally, don’t miss our Monthly MMI Report for January, with Executive Editor Lisa Reisman’s analysis of what price movements in 10 metals markets mean for metal buyers. It’s been quite a year, and Lisa gives us a 2013 Year-In-Review, complete with Most Volatile Index Awards. Download it FREE by filling out the quick form below:


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