MetalMiner to Release Top 25 US Metal Service Centers Buyer’s Guide

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Not so long ago, a colleague recently asked me the question, “What makes you great?”

All organizations ask themselves that question – or perhaps they don’t, and may find themselves in rough waters. But from a metals-trade perspective, we certainly have a few thoughts about what makes us great.

Rather than asking and answering that question on the site (we will happily send you an email if you would like to know what we think makes us great), we wanted to pose that question to a specific subset of our audience – the metal service center community. This community reads our site and also regularly (maybe even daily) interacts with a very large percentage of our readership.

In fact, when we ask readers, “Where do you go for metals market intelligence?” invariably a large percentage of respondents say “to my suppliers.” Yet many of these companies remain somewhat “under the radar” in comparison to many of the large publicly traded metal producers. For example, when one examines perhaps the largest service center – Reliance Steel & Aluminum – and its competitors, including AM Castle Metals, “PVT1 – Ryerson” and Worthington Industries, the companies don’t always roll off the tongue:

Metal Service Centers list

Source: Yahoo

And yet metal distribution within the United States remains a critical means for how US manufacturers obtain metal products. We have seen numerous reports on the percentage of metal that flows through distribution. Insiders peg the number between 40-45%. That means nearly all US manufacturers have some type of supply relationship with a service center.

What This Means For You

In an effort to provide useful resources for our audience, MetalMiner will conduct a survey to create its first ever Top 25 Service Centers Buyer’s Guide. Some might consider this similar to what Purchasing Magazine used to write up annually. The guide will:

  • Likely take the form of a Top 25 list and a brief feature description of each company
  • Be available as a free guide on the site
  • For more detailed information, be available through a free registration page

At the same time, we have challenged each of the service centers participating in this process to answer the question “what makes you great?” Each survey response will be followed up by a phone interview to glean more detailed information.

If you believe your company ought to receive some attention in the MetalMiner Service Centers Buyer’s Guide, we urge you to complete the brief form below and you will have the opportunity to complete the survey. Based on the number of responses received, the survey may extend beyond the “Top 25.”

MetalMiner currently ranks as one of the largest metals trade publications by traffic.

MetalMiner Metal Service Centers Buyer’s Guide (to participate complete the form below and we will send you the survey via email):


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