New Report Explores How Increased LNG Exports Affect US Manufacturers

Remember when we asked manufacturers to fill out a survey (no longer than five minutes, or we’d owe you a “lox bagel”)?

The report has arrived.

Well, the survey results are in – and we’ve prepared a killer report for you, chock full of interesting findings: “Supply Management Perspectives and Implications for Increased LNG Export Levels.”

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Principal authors Lisa Reisman and Raul de Frutos of MetalMiner, and Pierre Mitchell of Spend Matters, show how companies consider domestic energy to be vital to a resurgence in US manufacturing activity and profitability.

About the Survey

MetalMiner, in conjunction with the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), conducted a snap survey to better understand the potential impact of American LNG exports on energy prices and the manufacturing sector overall. The survey (developed into a larger study) set out to better quantify the importance of lower natural gas prices on sourcing activities, as well as capex and a US manufacturing renaissance in broader terms.

Instead of analyzing economic models in a vacuum, this snap poll allowed US manufacturers to weigh in on the potential impacts. We wanted to know how important a factor energy is in your cost equation, and what kind of impact you think exporting LNG will have on your company’s cost structure.

Key Report Findings

Key findings focus on the following:

  • What do manufacturers think will happen to LNG prices and volatility if US allows unlimited LNG exports?
  • The importance of low-cost energy for a US manufacturing resurgence
  • Importance of low-cost energy by company size and energy spend
  • Manufacturers’ position on LNG exports

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