Week in Review: Why Alcoa, GM, Cliffs Natural Resources Made Waves

It’s been an auto industry-heavy week for us, with some good tidbits surfacing on aluminum and supplier relations, among other things.

Just a quick rundown as we wrap up the week:

Did You Lose Weight?

Source: bobcloyd.com
Source: bobcloyd.com

Remember when Ford pulled the curtain back in Detroit in January and there was its best-selling pickup looking, well, much lighter? Now other auto OEMs want in on the lightweighting action, and are getting the ball rolling on contracts with Alcoa and Novelis to secure enough auto-grade sheet for future production runs.

We examined the claims of aluminum ‘shortages’ due to these agreements.

Also, we looked at the global aluminum market’s supply and demand fundamentals – what we found may surprise you.

GM Sucks Back Up to Suppliers


For more on the automotive front, we found it interesting that General Motors’ VP of global purchasing and supply chain is now finally making amends with the company’s suppliers, after editing the OEM’s standard purchasing contract much to the suppliers’ chagrin.

But is this type of oops just to be expected from GM based on their supplier relations track record?

And would they have benefited from reading some Spend Matters analysis?

Break Me Off a Piece of That Cliffs Kat Bar

Source: thestockmasters.com
Source: thestockmasters.com

Stuart took a look at why it may not be the best idea to spin off Cliffs Natural Resources’ overseas operations (hint: it relates to keeping US steelmakers’ competitiveness intact, since the North American iron ore market is its own animal sheltered from global iron ore ups and downs.

Lastly, the Week’s Best Tweet

spend matters tweet screenshot

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