Fake Goldman Sachs Twitter Feed Busted: Watch Out, Metals Companies

Another hilarious anonymous Twitter handle, in the vein of @MayorEmanuel here in our backyards, was outed recently.

This time, rather than faux mayoral hijinks from Rahm Emanuel, @GSElevator (as it is called) evidently reported gossipy overhearings on the elevators at Goldman Sachs to show how out of touch bankers really are – only it was run by someone who doesn’t, and indeed never has, worked at Goldman Sachs.

According to a recent Times blog post, “Mr. [John] Lefevre, who worked for Citigroup for seven years, said the Twitter account started as ‘a joke to entertain myself.'”

Here’s are some examples of @GSElevator tweets:

What’s the point of all this? Without further ado, here are some examples of Twitter feeds chronicling elevator eavesdropping from the industries we cover – and why they may never go viral:

AK Steel @AKisAOK: “Why did they give the Employee of the Month spot to Gary? I haven’t seen him since last month.”

Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare-Earth Hi-Tech Co Ltd @BaotouRareEarths4U: “That pork dumpling your wife made you for lunch was delicious, thank you for sharing.”

Hebei Iron & Steel Co @HebeiCrazy: “Come onnnnn, Door CLOSE! Door CLOSE! I hate this stupid button.”

Novelis @WhatANovelisIdea: “So, McDonald’s or…McDonald’s?”

Caterpillar Inc @TheHungryCaterpillar: “Stoked that I got a direct flight from Peoria to Hong Kong. Score! Who’s up for happy hour at Ulrich’s?”

Got any more? Leave a comment below!

Disclaimer: Clearly this is meant to be satirical, if only half-baked. No lawsuits, please.

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