Week in Review: 2014 Metals Price Outlook Coming; Also PGMs, Zinc


Hunting for price forecasts for steel, aluminum, copper, or other base metals? Look no further than MetalMiner next week, as we unveil an awesome guide based on our forecasts – more than a cheat-sheet, just shy of a sourcing Bible – to help buying organizations guide their metals purchases through the next 12 months.

But before that, let’s revisit the analysis we’ve bestowed upon the blogosphere this week.

The PGM Grand

american-express-platinum card

Stuart dissected the platinum and palladium markets, and where the big investment banks think they’re going. Hint: there may be some upside looming ahead.

Other Higher Prices? We Zinc So.


This was the week for zinc coverage – if you haven’t boned up on the latest outlook from Raul, our lead forecasting analyst, we’re copying the link below. This jives with what HSBC foresees, as Stuart has analyzed.

Lastly, check back in next week for the series of articles based on our monthly MMI – indexes tracking 10 different metal and industry sectors. Have a look at this month’s complete MMI report.

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