Outokumpu: No. 1 Stainless Steel Pusher in India Right Now

Outokumpu has been in India for around seven years now, and the Finland-based steel major has decided to up the ante by introducing a range of stainless steel products to match up the harsher environments of the oil and gas industry with the Indian market.

The leading stainless steel manufacturer recently showcased its products and capabilities focused on India’s growing oil and gas industries and extending support for critical requirements in the related fields of refining, energy, shipping and port operations during a three-day Indian Oil & Gas World Expo 2014 held in Mumbai.

Among the long list of its special grades, Outokumpu presented new products including EDX 2304, an improved version of duplex stainless steel 2304, featuring higher corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. EDX 2304 is geared for oil and gas structures and other demanding applications.

Outokumpu’s focus has been on sustainable development of global infrastructure. Renewable energy solutions such as solar power, biofuels and wind energy require components and materials that can be sustainably sourced and yield low lifecycle costs, and obviously the company believes that stainless steel is an optimal choice in such sectors.

Besides being one of the world’s leading stainless producers, Outokumpu supplies materials for sub-sea facilities, oil refining, chemical tankers, energy producers and ports.

Stainless steel is an essential material in the chemical and process industries. Materials are put to severe tests in the oil and gas industries, including in shipping and port operations, because of extremely corrosive processes and hostile environments, thus making it necessary to select corrosion-resistant materials. The company thus used the opportunity to highlight how specialty stainless steels provide for sustainable solutions for safer and more reliable processes.

At the exhibition, Outokumpu also propagated its message on sustainable solutions provided by the Group’s specialty stainless steels. Those achieve the lowest lifecycle cost, optimal productivity and higher profitability.

According to Mats Benson, a VP of sales and marketing, Outokumpu’s new range of Duplex stainless steel offered a wealth of new opportunities to build more durable, safe and sustainable equipment. According to Benson, stainless steel is infinitely recyclable, which makes it ideal for O&G applications.

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