Where Base Metals, HRC and CRC Steel Prices Are Going in 2014


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What’s This Exclusive – and Free – Report All About?

Obviously the first wave or two of 2014 metal price outlooks and forecasts has already passed, whether it was last December or around the New Year.

But that’s fine with us – because if you want to gain a better understanding of the current state of the market and what signals you should track to guide your purchasing decisions through the balance of 2014 and beyond, then MetalMiner’s 7 Metal Buying Strategies for 2014: A Category Sourcing Guide is for you.

The guide provides buying organizations with a better understanding of where prices will likely go through the year based on the current state of the market. We identify and analyze the drivers that buying organizations will want to keep an eye on throughout the year, and what price levels should signal buyers to make changes in their sourcing strategies.

7 Metal Buying Strategies for 2014 gives anyone at a metal buying organization – from category manager to CPO – practical advice on the markets for aluminum, copper, nickel, tin, zinc, lead and steel (HRC and CRC), all with an eye on global trends such as China’s consumption and the value of the dollar. 7 Metal Buying Strategies for 2014 also examines the base metal sector and shows readers how to understand the close and sometimes complex relationship that these metals share.

Overly sophisticated strategies for managing metal price risk are likely unnecessary. Buying organizations can mitigate price risk by implementing sourcing strategies that appear simple and consistent. By understanding the state of the market and setting target prices like the ones that appear in this paper, buying organizations can identify their risk exposure and determine the quantities they need to hedge to reduce costs and fit their companies’ risk tolerance.

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