Precious Metals Flatten as Russia Completes Crimea Annexation

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Gold and other precious-metals prices have fallen sharply since Russian President Vladimir Putin said he doesn’t want a partition of Ukraine on Tuesday, easing worries that Russia may move further into the country after its annexation of Crimea.

On Thursday, March 20, Indian silver jumped up 1.9 percent making it the day’s biggest increase, as most precious metals fell or stayed flat. Japanese silver fell 1.2 percent in price. This marks the fifth day in a row of declining prices and the drop-off has accelerated since Friday, March 14. US silver ended the day down 1 percent on Thursday. The price of Chinese silver declined 0.6 percent.

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The price of US gold bullion fell 1.8 percent. Indian gold bullion prices saw a 1.6 percent decline. Chinese gold bullion finished the day down 1.4 percent. Japanese gold bullion fell 0.7 percent yesterday.

US platinum bar ended the day, after the 1.3 percent drop on Thursday. Chinese platinum bar fell 1 percent yesterday. Japanese platinum bar finished with a .3 increase.

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US palladium bar prices saw a 0.7 percent decline. The price of Japanese palladium bar remained essentially flat. The price of Chinese palladium bar flattened after two days of downward movement.