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Rare Earths Price Index at Whim of Markets, Not China WTO Case

by Taras Berezowsky on April 7, 2014

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Our rare earths price index fell significantly for the April reading, the first drop since January 2014, although prices have remained relatively steady over the past several quarters. The latest news that the World Trade Organization (WTO) put the kibosh on China’s export restrictions as unlawful according to global trade law has been a long time coming; indeed, the market had already known about China losing the case back in October, which is part of why prices had come down considerably. However, according to our interview with rare earth metals analyst Zach Schumacher at Asian Metal, there are several other factors at play that may affect prices outside the high-profile trade case. (Exact prices and price changes of all constituent metals and oxides are included in the story as well.)

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