Week In Review: ArcelorMittal Steel Price Hike, ABI in Construction, The Pistorius B.I.G.

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It’s been a wild week of metals price trends, indexes slipping from the previous month’s values, and introspective looks at metal market drivers here on MetalMiner.

All for the low, low price of Free. You’re welcome, metal buyers.

The Pistorius B.I.G. Source: The Week UK

The Pistorius B.I.G. Source: The Week UK

Yet it seems as though all the world can talk about is Oscar Pistorius’s murder trial in South Africa. How boring is that? The only good thing that comes of it is us wanting to call him The Pistorius B.I.G. and chant, “Pis-pis-pis-PISTORIUS.” All of which is to say, come on, Oscar, you’re not a rapper; you shouldn’t have been playing with guns. (The guy doesn’t even use metal in his prosthetics, using carbon-fiber instead, so don’t blame us if we’re a bit standoffish.)

So to get us back to the news that really matters, let’s look back at what the week has brought.

HRC, CRC Steel Price Concerns

Stuart dissects TSI’s Monthly Steel Review and gives us the lowdown on why the latest mill price hikes, by the likes of ArcelorMittal, Severstal NA and AK Steel, may indeed stick this time. 

You’ll Never Catch Me, Copper!

A separate two-part analysis checks out the chartists’ latest viewpoints on the copper price forecast. Arguably the base metal that’s been battered the most, copper prices have recently hit a four-year low. Read the commentary starting with Part One to get MetalMiner’s take on Dr. Copper’s latest prognosis.

Architecture Billings, Montana

In today’s Before and After category á la Wheel of Fortune, we revisit MetalMiner’s Jeff Yoders taking us on a trip questioning the relationship that the Architecture Billings Index (ABI), and architecture billings in general, share with real construction activity and demand.

Conflict Minerals (Non)Compliance?

PwC recently released a report claiming to have surveyed more than 700 companies across 15 different industries inquiring about their stages of preparedness for the first compliance deadline of the SEC’s Conflict Minerals Law, based on Dodd-Frank Section 1502. The results are certainly surprising – only 4% of companies surveyed have fully completed drafts of compliance documentation – or are they not so surprising, based on what we heard at our Conflict Minerals EDGE conference this time last year? Look for upcoming analysis from MetalMiner’s Executive Editor Lisa Reisman on what manufacturers need to know before the May 31 deadline hits; in the meantime, check out our uber-simple Conflict Minerals Compliance Kits.

Free Metal-Buying Intelligence

Don’t miss our category sourcing guide for 2014, including base metals, HRC and CRC steel!


  • Our latest Monthly MMI Report for April hits the digital shelves – we’ll tell you which sector trends to keep an eye on.
  • We’re planning to unveil a very exciting surprise on Monday – stay tuned!

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