Conflict Minerals Case Study Series: Oil + Gas Industry Webinar April 24th

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The Oil & Gas Industry webinar is part of a series that highlights the challenges, best practices, and lessons learned across industries from 2013 conflict minerals compliance programs.  It is scheduled for Thursday, April 24th at 10am PT. Register to watch The Oil & Gas Industry webinar live and receive a copy of the IDC Manufacturing Insights-authored case study, sponsored by Source Intelligence, after attending.

Free Suppliers and Conflict Minerals Report

Timely supplier responsiveness is also a key enabler for conflict minerals compliance. During the 2013 reporting year, Source Intelligence found that suppliers can take as long as 180 days to respond to a reporting company’s conflict minerals inquiry.

The white paper, Overcoming Supplier Resistance: How Educating Suppliers Impacted Responses to Conflict Minerals Regulation in 2013, explains how, in order to maximize the completeness of compliance programs, issuers must both improve the timeliness of supplier responses through education and allow sufficient lead time to account for laggards and resistors.



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