Week in Review: Glencore Offloads Las Bambas, Conflict Minerals Kibosh…and a (Mini) Boeing 777 Crash

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Yes, you read it right – there’s been yet another plane crash. But before you panic, rest assured that this crashed plane was indeed found (by hundreds, maybe thousands of Twitter users), and was a fraction of the scale of an actual airplane.

You see, in a terrible display of judgment, whoever had access to American Airlines’ Twitter account accidentally (purposefully?) attached a Very Not Safe for Work image to a tweet responding to a customer complaint. The offending image featured a mini-Boeing 777, tail-end up, crash-landed into a woman’s…ahem, hangar, to keep the metaphor intact.

According to an article on Deadspin’s The Concourse blog, “So what probably happened is some social media moron at US Airways tried to copy and paste the American Airlines tweet to a friend but instead tweeted it at some frustrated customers.”

Obviously we’re not linking to this offensiveness (we’re too cultured for that; Google it if your morbid curiosity gets the best of you), but nonetheless we thought it’s a good cautionary tale for all you Tweeters out there. For our part, we only intend to tweet about what matters – sourcing industrial metals efficiently and cost-effectively.

To that end, here’s what you shouldn’t have missed this week on MetalMiner:

SEC Conflict Minerals Rule: Strike One


A US Appeals Court struck down parts of Dodd-Frank Section 1502, which turned into the SEC’s Conflict Minerals Rule, calling out the rule’s infringement upon the First Amendment. Before you rejoice and throw away your CMR (conflict minerals report) templates, here’s what you should know:

Glencore Xstrata Pull-Out

iron ore mine

No more Las Bambas for Glencore Xstrata – Stuart digs into how the commodities behemoth is makin’ moves:

And the Actual Biggest News of the Week…

We’ve launched MetalMiner Membership! Essentially, we’re offering three levels of membership, which include unlimited access to articles (including those with daily prices from the MetalMiner IndX℠), metal price data, and exclusive metal price forecasting. More details:

Spot Membership level

  • Access to all articles
  • Historical Metal Price Data (90 days)
  • Up to 2 price change alerts

Full Membership level

  • Access to all articles
  • Unlimited historical price data (750+ price points)
  • Unlimited price change alerts
  • Option to buy up to 2 metal price forecasts (10 metals available, released monthly)

Corporate Membership level

  • All of the above, plus all 10 monthly metal price forecasts and API access to MetalMiner IndX℠

More details in our FAQ.

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