Free Webinar to Address Surging US Midwest Aluminum Premiums

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Join us for Prospects for an Aluminum ‘All-In’ Contract & 2014 Metal Price Forecast!

This FREE one-hour webinar on Thursday, May 1 at 10 a.m. CDT will delve into the elusive ‘all-in’ aluminum futures contract and how top industrial buying organizations can deploy alternative risk mitigation strategies to deal with high-priced and often volatile Midwest premiums.

Sponsored by the CME Group, this event will also include:

  • A 2014 aluminum price forecast and outlook for Midwest premiums, courtesy of MetalMiner

  • An in-depth look at CME’s new aluminum contract and how it provides an all-in price for the aluminum market

  • New strategies and expert tips on how metal buying organizations can manage aluminum price risk, identify and support new methods of price discovery and avoid the long queues plaguing the LME warehouse system

Here’s the speaker lineup:

While Midwest aluminum premiums have risen due in part to the long queues and slow load-out rates at existing exchange-based warehouses – rather than getting to the customer in a timely manner – price risk mitigation remains elusive. The CME aims to not only address this problem, but offer tangible solutions and introduce potential customers to its all-in price offering.

So mark your calendar for May 1 at 10 a.m. CDT for the free one-hour webinar: Prospects for an Aluminum All-In Contract & 2014 Metal Price Forecast. Sponsored by CME and hosted by MetalMiner.

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