Week in Review: Give Aluminum Buyers a Break; Bite Into a Mexican Rebar

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A rebar web designed in 3D for a Bechtel project.

I believe I outdid myself with stretching a lame pun way too far with that headline (trying to tap the “Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar” jingle used to hawk the Hershey Company’s confection).

But hey, it gave me an excuse to direct our collective attention to steel rebar and the break aluminum buyers need from a wild LME price/MW premium situation. Let’s start with the latter:

1. LME Aluminum Cost Hardly Hedgable


MetalMiner Executive Editor Lisa Reisman (who has been around the aluminum-trading block more than once) breaks down exactly why the system has, well, broken down for manufacturers trying to hedge their aluminum price risk. In this two-part series, Lisa proves why the historical model is dead and what the new approach to hedging may look like.

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2. Mexican, Turkish Rebar Row


The US Commerce Department preliminarily ruled that Mexico and Turkey dumped rebar into the US. Although this is early in the game for a final comedown, a particular mill in Mexico is vociferously crying foul over this ruling due to some interesting context involving the US and Mexico’s steel industries. Why? We’ll have an exclusive story for you on this next week.

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3. BIM-Bam! How 3D Design is Changing Construction Procurement

Rebar 3D model

Our own Jeff Yoders was at the BIM Forum in Boston this week, and gave us a look at how 3D modeling – and data in general – is transforming the construction industry:

4. And Now, For Something Completely Different – Price Forecasts


OK, to be totally honest, below are our latest metal price outlooks, not exactly forecasts; for those, you’ll have to join as a MetalMiner member – we have 10 monthly metal price forecasts available!

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