Why You Can’t Afford to Blow Off Metal Price Trend Analysis

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There’s too much volatility out there. Vladimir Putin is running roughshod over Ukraine, LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling may be inciting riots over racially insensitive remarks, and new tornadoes in the central US have destroyed lives and livelihoods.

historical metal price trends chart april 2014Of course, there’s also price volatility in the metal markets, affecting current and future prices and upping the risk significantly for a metal-buying organization.

Take, for example, the huge snafu in exchange-traded aluminum lately. Buyers don’t know which way is up anymore in hedging their aluminum costs. (Join us for a free webinar on May 1 on this exact topic, including a price outlook.)

But metal price risk cuts across metals markets, whether you’re planning to procure huge volumes of hot-rolled steel coil, tiny volumes of tantalum, or are buying  gold or silver as an investment – and that’s why data tools and analysis can be your best friend. Having a simple buying strategy in place can be the difference between being safely in the black or deeper in the red.

So don’t miss catching April’s Monthly MMI® Report (before our latest release for May comes out next week!), where you’ll get:

  • Historical price trends across 10 metal market and industry sector sub-indexes, showing you the key peaks and troughs on which to base your future forecasts
  • Executive commentary on the latest trends from a team that collectively has decades of metals sourcing experience
  • High-quality charts with 12-month price trend history in all metals markets
  • Access to hundreds of price-point movements month-over-month


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