Best of MetalMiner: Glencore’s Take on Nickel, CME Group’s Aluminum Contract

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It’s been quite a quarter for all things aluminum here at MetalMiner, enough to lead this quarter’s Best of MetalMiner post – from exclusive coverage of LME warehousing of the stuff, to CME Group’s new aluminum contract, to Seung Mo Park’s beautifully meticulous aluminum sculptures (see photo).

The latter was brought to our attention by Spend Matters Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell, originally alerted to the artist’s sculptures and mesh layers by his brother, whose name spurred an intra-office conversation about ions, molecules and covalent bonds.

Don’t ask. But: never a dull moment!

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Back to the hard-hitting stuff – why should you pay attention to our aluminum coverage?

We Crushed It On Aluminum – Here’s Why


MetalMiner ripped off the foil of the LME warehousing scheme very early on, and broke down exactly what it means for primary producers, secondary producers and downstream consumers – check out our infographic if you haven’t already.

MetalMiner Executive Editor Lisa Reisman, Editor-at-large Stuart Burns, Lead Forecasting Analyst Raul de Frutos and other MM team members also broke down the disconnect between the Midwest aluminum premium and the LME prices, while getting the scoop on CME Group’s new aluminum contract and why it may be beneficial for commercial buyers in light of the LME fiasco:

Are you an aluminum buyer? Want to know how to hedge your price risk? Here’s a practical guide.

Nickel Taking an Elevator Joyride


We’ve also had our finger on the pulse of nickel and its rapid ascent to the upper echelon of base metal prices once again. After tanking, the Indonesian export ban, Russian sanctions and other externalities helped push nickel prices to near-record levels. Stuart wrote the most-viewed article of the year on this issue:

Want the technical side of the price outlook? Raul gave it to us straight:

Oh Yeah, One More Thing


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If you click on Raul’s article above, you’ll see that it’s classified as Member Content. If you’ve never been to the site before (or if you have but just kept your blinders on), you’ll notice that we’ve introduced MetalMiner Membership this quarter.

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Ok, it was two more things…

We welcomed two new MetalMiner team members this quarter!  Jeff Yoders joined us as assistant editor, and Kyle Fitzsimmons came on as marketing manager. Some shining examples of these gentlemen’s handiwork:

Happy Memorial Day!

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