New Report: LME Nickel Price Sky-High, Glencore Xstrata Makin’ Moves – Should You?

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girl rides black white mechanical bull

Glencore wants to ride bull market – for nickel.

Looks like LME nickel prices are officially ridin’ the bull.

And Glencore Xstrata, among others, wants in on the rodeo.

The commodities mining and trading conglomerate’s arm in the Dominican Republic, Falcondo, is looking to reopen a nickel mine to take advantage of the boom cycle, as we reported yesterday, while metal buying organizations should be thinking about how to mitigate their nickel price risk.

So it’s no surprise that the main attraction of MetalMiner’s June 2014 MMI® Report is the Stainless MMI®, which is riding the nickel price explosion to make it the Biggest Mover of the Month. But that’s only one – a few other MMI indexes rose, a few fell and a few held steady.

Trends_Chart_May-2014_FNLHowever, more than just trends, you’ll get the input necessary to work into your company’s sourcing strategy for eight metal categories.

This brand-new report features exclusive commentary from MetalMiner Executive Editor Lisa Reisman on what you should be thinking about to lock down your needs for the balance of 2014, as we take you through the key ferrous and non-ferrous metal markets and the sectors that depend on them – Automotive, Construction and Renewables.

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