Supplier Relationships: New Report, Webinar from Spend Matters

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thomas-kase-pierre-mitchell-2shot-spend-mattersOver at our sister site Spend Matters, download a free research paper from Thomas Kase (VP of Research) and Pierre Mitchell (Chief Research Officer). “Leapfrog the Competition by Transforming Your Supplier Relationships from Tactical to Strategic” addresses the multiple factors that play into supplier collaboration transformation and how they can help your team.

Whether you’re upstream or downstream, in the automotive, construction or other manufacturing sectors, you will come away with actionable strategies for more effective relationships with your suppliers. Read more.

SM_directworks_factoriesIn coordination with this paper, join the Spend Matters Team on Wednesday, July 16 at 12 p.m. CDT for an informative webinar, “Supplier Collaboration in Strategic Sourcing: An Oxymoron?

Pierre Mitchell will be joined by Stacy Leidwinger (Director of Product Management, Directworks) and the duo will dispense multiple tactics and strategies that manufacturers on the more progressive end of the spectrum have already experimented with.

Register for this webinar today.

Whether you’re already in a progressive manufacturing or metal-buying organization – or would like to be considered one – you can’t miss this downloadable report and webinar!

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