Free Report: Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel Market 2014 and Beyond

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This just in: a free GOES white paper to download!

The grain-oriented electrical steel market, although relatively small and specific as far as industrial metal sectors go, has seen a lot of action over the past 10 months – with some far-reaching implications.

MetalMiner is the single-best source for grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) coverage, providing insider reporting and analysis on the regulatory, import/export and pricing fronts. Executive Editor Lisa Reisman, the driving force of this thought leadership, has been covering the market in-depth for years. From the WTO anti-dumping case filed in 2013, to how it affects the big US-based GOES producers, AK Steel and Allegheny Technologies (ATI), and what it means for their business, Reisman hasn’t left a stone unturned. (MetalMiner has also pioneered a proprietary GOES price index – the GOES MMI® – tracking the US coil price and various inputs to show market trends since 2004.)

All of this is to say: the GOES market, as we know it, is under fire.

That’s why we bring you this exclusive report, comprising content that’s available only to MetalMiner membersBehind the Firewall: GOES Market Analysis 2014 and Beyond.

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Inside the Cover

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find in this report:

  • Our detailed hypothesis as to what would happen to the US grain-oriented electrical steel market in 2014 as a result of the WTO anti-dumping case (hint: it came true)
  • An exclusive interview with Ron Harper, president of Cogent Power – one of the companies uniquely situated to source GOES that’s not affected by the trade case, for its stacked transformer cores
  • Implications of the US Commerce Department’s decision in favor of US GOES producers
  • Analysis of US transformer producer market share and the implications of companies like Power Partners shifting to Mexico

If you’re in any part of the grain-oriented electrical steel supply chain, you can’t miss MetalMiner’s report, Behind the Firewall: GOES Market Analysis 2014 and Beyond.

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