MetalMiner’s Free Metal Service Centers Buyer’s Guide

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buyers-guide-thumbnailWe have a funny little saying here at MetalMiner – we are the largest metals trade publication that you have never heard of. Fortunately, we never say that to metal buying organizations because most of the world’s largest companies already read us. But frequently, we hear this from the metal service center community: “MetalMiner – I’ve heard of you but haven’t been to your site.”

That may change as MetalMiner seeks to replace a beloved resource used by many metal-buying organizations – an annual metal service center buyer’s guide. (Download it by filling out the form below!)

Typically, when it comes to buyer guides, we see an approach that contains contact information and information about annual sales. But MetalMiner sought to do something different – create a guide that helps buying organizations better understand who might best serve the customer based on a range of criteria, including on-time delivery rates, PPM defects, the ability to offer detailed cost breakdowns and even advanced hedging offerings. To our surprise, we have yet to see a buyer’s guide articulate these types of value propositions.

*If you’re a service center, it’s not too late to be included in our guide! Simply fill out the short survey here.

Throughout the course of 2014, MetalMiner has extensively sought the more value-added input of the country’s largest metal service centers. Today, we release the very first version of the guide with the hope of updating it bi-monthly or even monthly.

The guide also contains a value-added designation entitled “Top 25” in which MetalMiner seeks to identify 25 outstanding service centers based on survey and phone interview responses. This initial survey contains only nine “Top 25” companies.

We believe many more than just 25 great service centers are out there. But we don’t want to devalue the designation by handing it to companies based solely on their annual revenues. Other trade publications have created lists based on the absolute service center size. MetalMiner believes great companies come in all sizes and has attempted to differentiate its guide by obtaining the kind of information buying organizations actually need and care about.

Any company can download the free buyer’s guide by completing the registration below:


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