Industrial Metal Prices, August 2014: Malaise, Not Movement, Is Name of the Game

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Why did LME aluminum prices break $2,000 per metric ton? Why have nickel price rises (and our stainless steel price index) suddenly ground to a halt? And why the heck should you be watching the US dollar closely?

Trends_Chart_August-2014_FNLThose questions – and many more – are all handily answered in one place, the Monthly MMI® Report for August 2014.

We’ve gone through our 10 metals price indexes for metals groups and industry sectors, and pulled out the metal trends that matter for industrial metal purchasing organizations and other buyers.

Download the free report below!

For Metal Price Trends Trivia Night:

It’s August, and admittedly some metals sectors seem to have succumbed to the dog days of summer. However, our Monthly MMI® Report is rife with explanations of underlying fundamentals to price movements, including these great bits of trivia (interesting, we hope, especially to metals purchasers):

  • How much will total North American light vehicle aluminum consumption increase by 2015?
  • How much less expensive is aluminum cable over copper cable of comparable capacity these days?
  • What are the 3 main factors that led to a decline in domestic grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) prices, according to Elise Woolfort, VP of Supply Management at ABB, the largest US domestic GOES buyer?

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