5 Things To Know About Mr. Copper (That’s Lord Copper to You)

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“That’s LORD Farmer to you, sir!” Source: UK Daily Mail

Michael Farmer, a legend in the metals trading business, was recently interviewed by Reuters after his honorary appointment to Britain’s House of Lords. Farmer ranked 522 on the Sunday (UK) Times Rich 2013 List of Britain and Ireland’s wealthiest people (OK, that’s the first thing you should know). We thought we’d distill a few more jewels from the interview.

The Guy’s Been Around the LME Since the Beatles Stormed Sullivan’s Set

“I hope that my 50 years in the City connected to the London Metal Exchange and the global trading of base metals may be of value as new regulations are formulated for the financial markets.”

He Loves Jesus (and Money)

“Also the experience of being an active Christian involved in the markets can be of use in defining good practice.”

Lord Copper and D-Cam Share the Stage

“As a working Conservative peer, the immediate aim is to help in getting (Prime Minister) David Cameron back into Downing Street with a Conservative majority at the general election next May.”

No…Sleep…Til Brooklyn (er, Retirement)

“I’m certainly in the thick of it and continue to be…Over the years I’m sure I’ll ease back, but I’m still very active.”


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