Want Gold Now? Selling Copper Today? LinkedIn’s Your Treasure Trove (Or Is It?)

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You may have heard that Spend Matters Network – the leader in B2B media intelligence for the supply chain/procurement spheres, of which MetalMiner is a part – has recently amped up its LinkedIn company page.

In honor of our more robust LinkedIn presence, I thought I’d share a bit of interesting chatter from others on the ol’ “message boards,” if you will, of some of the more fringe metal-sourcing-related groups I follow (some of those perhaps against my better judgment) – along with a promise that you’ll always find more valuable information on both Spend Matters Network and MetalMiner LinkedIn group pages!

Exhibit A: The Blatant – Yet Personalized, Niice! – Spam Attack (Spattack?)


Thanks, but…

If I had ten grand in gold and ten grand in USD, Tony, chances are I wouldn’t be talking to you, bud. But thanks for thinking of me!

Exhibit B: Former Auto OEM CEOs Wanting to Offload Some Metal


Can it be? Former General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner trying to hook us up with copper scrap deals in China?? Wow, GM’s retirement package for CEOs must be worse than I thought…oh, wait. This Rick has two Gs in his last name. Oops. Not the one.

Exhibit C: The Posting-to-the-Wrong-Group Syndrome


Looks like you ventured to the Copper Cathodes/Copper products Business Network erroneously, Samunaka…but I bet that your sunflower oil is top-notch.

…And it goes on like this! I’ll be updating the MetalMiner audience periodically on the best, most (least?) pertinent and all-around hilarious stuff I find on LinkedIn, either here on the blog or on our Facebook page.

Meanwhile, do check in with our LinkedIn Company and Group Pages for the latest reports, webinars, and announcements!

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