2014’s Top 6 Conflict Minerals Compliance Articles

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Gold Prices Going Up

My esteemed colleague Jeff recently pined for the day when MetalMiner can provide some ‘peaceful minerals’ coverage, as opposed to ‘conflict minerals.’

While we all hope for such a day, it will come at likely the same time as peace in the Middle East, the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, pigs flying, or Burger King buying Tim Hortons (oh wait, that last one did happen!).


These minerals look pretty peaceful, right? Well, as Mick Jagger once sang, ya can’t always get what ya want…


Until then, we have to focus on the so-called conflict minerals, or 3TG – tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold – and how they’ve really screwed with supply chain managers and compliance officers all over the US. As our readers should know by now, the upheaval is due to a Dodd-Frank regulation that led to an SEC rule demanding public US companies audit their supply chains and report whether those supply chains are conflict-free.

The first deadline for companies to file compliance paperwork with the SEC fell on June 2, 2014.

2014: The Year So Far in Conflict Minerals 

So what did you miss? Hopefully not much, if your company was one required to submit your Form SD starting this year.

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