The Best of MetalMiner Metals Market Research in 2014 – So Far

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MetalMiner doesn’t mess around when it comes to knowing the ABCs of metals buying for manufacturers. And these top research papers and reports should prove it.

Before September comes into full swing, let our team of analysts – including Lisa Reisman, Stuart Burns, Pierre Mitchell, and Raul de Frutos – refresh you on the first half of 2014.

The Top 5 Reports of 2014 So Far

1. 7 Metal Buying Strategies for 2014: A Category Sourcing Guide

base metals steel buyers guide

There’s probably nothing more in MetalMiner’s analytical wheelhouse than this type of report. From base metals to hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel coil outlooks, we gave you our take on where the markets were going. Check it out to see how right or how wrong we were – chances are, we were right.


2. Supply Management Perspectives and Implications for Increased LNG Export Levels

ISM-LNG-report-coverMetalMiner, in conjunction with the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), conducted a snap survey to better understand the potential impact of American LNG exports on energy prices and the manufacturing sector overall. Hint: it’s a big deal for manufacturers, and Lisa Reisman, Pierre Mitchell and Raul de Frutos analyzed the findings to bring you some killer insight.


3. The Impact of Regulatory Issues on the Future of Supply Management

green-regulations-supply-chain-management-report-thumbnailOr, more specifically speaking, what is the role of the procurement function when it comes to sustainability initiatives in an overly regulated economic climate? And what does Apple’s CEO Tim Cook have to do with any of this? Find out in this gem.



4. Monthly MMI Report – July 

TRENDS_Chart_July-2014_FNLYou know the drill by now. But this was OUR MOST VIEWED PAGE ALL YEAR. Find out why July was so special.


5. Behind the Firewall: GOES Market Analysis 2014 and Beyond

GOES-whitepaper-cover-thumbnailAnd finally, this is certainly MetalMiner’s most niche-y coverage area, but may indeed be our deepest – the grain-oriented electrical steel market. Executive Editor Lisa Reisman takes us through the whirlwind that’s taken place for the last year or so in this, the most comprehensive guide to the GOES market and price movements available anywhere.

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