AODW: Imports of Non-Oriented Electrical Steel Get US Tariffs

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The US Department of Commerce has placed tariffs on imports of Non-Oriented Electrical Steel from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Sweden, and Taiwan. It also placed countervailing duties on imports of NOES from China and Taiwan, while no countervailing duties were placed on imports of NOES from Korea.

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NOES is an iron-silicon alloy in which magnetic properties are practically the same in any direction in the plane of the material. NOES is typically used in the production of large and small motors, generators, lighting ballasts, and ignition coils. Countervailing duties are assessed when a product is found to have been unfairly subsidized by a foreign government or “dumped” on US shores.

Commerce determined that imports of NOES from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Sweden, and Taiwan have been sold in the United States at dumping margins of 407.52%, 86.29% to 98.84%, 135.59% to 204.79%, 6.88%, 98.46% to 126.72%, and 27.54% to 52.23%, respectively. Commerce also determined that imports of NOES from China and Taiwan have countervailable government subsidies at rates of 158.88% and 0.48% to 17.12%, respectively.

China is, once again, the biggest offender in a pattern seen in many previous anti-dumping cases Commerce has ruled on. We at MetalMiner remain, Always On Dump Watch.


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  1. Thomas J Coyne jr says:

    Hip-hip-hoorah! For blasting the culprits and publisizing a matter that is getting worse, subsidies on foreign shores that have cost us our steel capacities from 120 million TPY, now down to almost 60 million TPY. As if this is not enough, the junk they are sending is not fit to be used for anything except balast til it falls apart. Galvanized and/or painted steel coils that lose protective coating after just a few short years or the paint fades out. Nails full of sulfur, fasteners that split, fencing that rusts out, rebar that corrodes, bridge structures that are not up to standards and made with the wrong processes, building structures with questionable quality. Look at how many buildings collapse in India and Bangladesh from substandard steel and they are shipping it here?

  2. Jeff Yoders says:

    Thanks, Thomas, we live to serve! MetalMiner is your one-stop shop for anti-dumping news.

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