Commerce Places Tariffs on Vietnamese Steel Nails, Exempts Others

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The Department of Commerce has initially placed countervailing duties of imports of steel nails from the Vietnam but denied similar initial claims made against imports of steel nails from the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Oman, and Taiwan.

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Countervailable subsidies are financial assistance from foreign governments that benefit the production of goods from foreign companies. In the Vietnamese investigation, Commerce preliminarily determined that mandatory respondents Region Industries Co., Ltd. and United Nail Products Co., Ltd. received subsidy rates of 8.35% and 0.17% (de minimis or too small to require collection), respectively. All other exporters of steel nails of less than 12 inches from Vietnam will be subject to the 8.35% countervailing import duty rate.

The petitioner for these investigations is Mid Continent Steel & Wire, Inc. of Missouri.

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