Free Download: Radical! New Advanced Metals Sourcing Strategies, in 3 Use Cases

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During the summer of 2014, the inimitable (if we do say so ourselves) Lisa Reisman and Jason Busch got together with Garry Mansell of Trade Extensions to brainstorm ways in which they could apply their knowledge of metals/commodity markets and sourcing strategies with the capabilities of sourcing optimization technology.

Lisa has over two decades of metals trading and direct materials sourcing experience. Jason is one of the best-known technology analysts in the procurement and supply chain market and was one of the e-sourcing pioneers at FreeMarkets during the late 1990s. Following the meeting, the three agreed to put their heads together and come up with a paper that challenged manufacturers to rethink the intersection of what was possible with sourcing and commodity management.

Lisa and Garry also volunteered that they would co-invest with up to three pilot customers to prove that this type of thinking is possible to put into practice (with market design, price forecasting and general guidance from Spend Matters and MetalMiner). In short, Lisa, Jason and Garry wanted to see if they could create a new type of sourcing strategy and approach that bridged the intersection of sourcing, supply chain and commodity management.

So, in the style of what Tag Team would say, whoomp! (here it is):

Download the free paper here.

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