Free Webinar Today: Verifying Conflict-Free Smelters With CMRT 3.02

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Are you confident in your smelter verification process and aware of the supply chain pitfalls to avoid?

The new Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) version 3.02 was recently published by the Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative. The changes from the CMRT 3.01 version include an updated Standard Smelter List and improvements for more consistent identification of smelters at the facility-level. It just so happens Source Intelligence is hosting a new webinar to help make sense of all this, “Smelter Verification for Conflict Minerals, A Guide to Understanding the Facts“:


The Conflict Minerals Reporting Template was created to help industries transfer information throughout their supply chains to determine conflict-free sourcing. The older CMRT 3.0 version identified smelters as either at a corporate or group level, and those identifications represented the individual, unique facilities. The newest version. 3.02, aims to represent these facilities by eliminating the higher level classifications previously used.

Source Intelligence will host the webinar “Smelter Verification for Conflict Minerals, A Guide to Understanding the Facts” on Tuesday, November 18th, to provide industry-leading knowledge on the CMRT 3.02 update. Verification of supplier-provided smelter information is a growing concern for conflict minerals due diligence in industries large and small. The webinar will also cover issues surrounding publicly available data, critical insights about anticipated problems and information on how a Smelter Verification Program can be a cost-efficient service offering.

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