What Pierre Mitchell Says About Chief Procurement Officers Will Shock You

Pierre-Mitchell_headshot-shockingOk, we admit – we tried to clickbait you with that ridiculous headline, and hopefully we succeeded!

But if you know/know of Pierre Mitchell, if you are a chief procurement officer, hope to be one, or work with one, we promise you’ll benefit from the information in this post. (No dancing cats or off-the-wall listicles here, sorry.)

What Pierre Mitchell (chief research officer of Spend Matters, and formerly of the Hackett Group and AMR Research) has to say about CPOs actually shouldn’t shock anyone in purchasing/procurement at all, but in fact, points to how the busy CPO can benefit from Spend Matters’ latest media resource.

What Pierre Mitchell Said

“CPOs and their teams are continually having to ‘do more with less,’ and their most precious commodity is their time,” he said recently. “They have also told us that they are overloaded with information, so we decided to provide an executive-level view into a curated set of articles published across Spend Matters and the web that will keep them on the cutting edge of strategies, techniques and tools.”

That’s why MetalMiner‘s sister site Spend Matters launched Chief Procurement Officer – the only executive-level site that provides research, objective analysis and advice concerning procurement providers of all types. Sign up for RSS feeds to the Research and Insights, Procurement Technology and Opinion sections for the latest updates.

Why Chief Procurement Officer Matters


“CPOs are increasingly looking for deeper intelligence into supply markets, but when it comes to the supply chain and procurement ‘solutions’ markets that serve them, it’s hard to find an objective source of information that will offer new insights and ways of thinking about these emerging services and models that they can use to bring new value to their organizations,” Mitchell said.

Chief Procurement Officer endeavors to fill that void. Read more here about the new site’s main goals.

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