Week-in-Review: Metal Innovation Spurred by Cost Cutting

Several base metals are reaching the point where they’ll either start new trends or fall even further as we speak.  Nickel, lead, aluminum and tin are all right there and copper, well, it’s gone so far past its sell-by date even the spoiled milk is looking down at it.

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In light of the bearish environment around our metals these days, we released several reports this week on how to tighten your corporate belt and achieve the cost certainty that will make your business run better. Executive Editor Lisa Reisman researched how trade automation can lock in prices and keep you from having to renegotiate international trades at the dock or the railway station.


Check out our white paper that shows how to make prices stick no matter what happens on the waters, rail lines or trucks your metals travel on. There be pirates out yonder, matey, but today’s mostly use computers and demurrage charges.

We also released the February MMI report that better details the tide most metals are swimming against.

Meanwhile, Austrian steelmaker Voestalpine AG says the price of oil, nor the low prices of steel will not stop its planned expansion into the lucrative US automotive steel and aluminum markets.

Aluminum continues to make in-roads into aerospace and automotive and the low prices might actually be helping their expansion more than hindering it. South Korea’s POSCO is trimming its exports to Japan, it’s still investing heavily in aluminum and may be in on the ground floor of a breakthrough. A new technology project the Korean steel giant is involved in could produce an iron-aluminum alloy as strong as titanium. POSCO is running the trials as of this writing.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but business innovation’s wet nurse is low prices.
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