Novelis’ Evercan Used by Red Brick Brewery, Aluminum Declines on the LME

Red Brick Brewery will offer its beer in Novelis‘ evercan certified 90% recycled content aluminum can sheet in the US.

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Novelis and Red Brick have come up with a closed-loop recycling system for the brewery’s used beverage cans. The cans from the brewery will be returned to a nearby Novelis recycling center, where these will be recycled into new evercan sheet.

Novelis debuted evercan last year but has struggled to get big manufacturers to use it simply because most of them do not want to change their processes to allow a specialty recycled can sheet to take up a significant portion of their purchases. Companies such as MillerCoors and Coca-Cola do not want their production to be dependent on any one supplier.

With a decline of 0.8% to INR 110.80 ($1.79) per kilogram on Thursday, February 26, the cash price of primary Indian aluminum recorded the biggest decline of the day. The primary aluminum cash price saw a 0.5% decline on the LME to $1,784 per metric ton. On the LME, the aluminum 3-month price declined 0.4% to $1,801 per metric ton.

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Chinese aluminum prices closed flat for the day. The price of Chinese aluminum scrap saw essentially no change for the fifth day in a row, remaining around CNY 12,500 ($1,997) per metric ton. The price of Chinese aluminum billet continues hovering around CNY 12,940 ($2,067) per metric ton for the fifth day in a row. The price of Chinese aluminum bar remained essentially flat at CNY 13,700 ($2,189) per metric ton. The cash price of Chinese aluminum saw little movement at CNY 12,910 ($2,063) per metric ton.

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