MetalMiner’s Jeff Yoders Wins Neal Award, Promptly Announces Retirement

Yoders quickly took of this suit, donned a Hawaiian shirt and board shorts and booked the first flight to Puerta Vallarta after this picture was taken.

In February, we told you about Assistant Editor Jeff Yoders’ nominations in two categories for the 2015 Jesse H. Neal Awards from American Business Media.

A Building Design + Construction team series that included Jeff’s BIM coverage – “5 tech trends transforming BIM/VDC” – won the Neal Award for Best Subject-Related Package last week.

After being notified of his win last Friday, Yoders checked out a giant “win second Neal Award” box on a large t0-do list in the MetalMiner conference room and filed retirement papers with HR.

Jeff wrote two parts of the five-part series including an examination of how the Department of Energy overhauled its EnergyPlus building simulation program and another about tech trends that are transforming building information modeling and virtual design and construction.

“Back when I started writing about BIM and VDC in 2005, I vowed that I would not rest until we revolutionized the way construction projects are procured and delivered,” Yoders said. “Well, at long last, that day is here. Well, bye!”

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Over his many years covering the design and construction industries, Jeff has documented how the inclusion of general and specialty contractors in the design phase of a project has resulted in fewer change orders and construction problems, how cloud computing is solving collaboration issues and how to save $18,000 on printing alone on a hospital project.

Jeff has studiously checked each of these accomplishments off his list of planned goals until only “win second Neal Award” was left. After unfurling a giant “mission accomplished” banner, Yoders ordered cake for the entire office and announced that, as he has nothing left to accomplish in construction coverage, he will be retiring.

“There were a lot of goals I wanted to accomplish, but this was probably the biggest,” Yoders said, clearing out his desk at the MetalMiner/Azul Partners headquarters in Chicago’s East Lakeview neighborhood. “Done and done.”

Yoders told colleagues he is looking forward to spending some time on the beach in Mexico, sipping mai-tais and “not thinking about CAM and CAD for a good, long time.”

“Have you ever really thought about CAM and CAD?” Yoders added. “They’re really, really complicated.”

Yoders said he thought about turning his design and construction coverage responsibilities over to MetalMiner colleague Raul De Frutos, but decided against it because “it would just be too weird having construction coverage go on without me. Besides, what would there be for him to cover? It’s all been done.”

Congrats, Jeff! Happy April Fool’s Day, MetalMiner readers! You didn’t think Jeff was really retiring, did you?

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