Spend Matters Network Hits the Streets with Mobile-Friendly Interface

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In the “news-that-may-not-be-news-to-you” department, we wanted to keep you posted on our site’s mobile-friendly interface. This indeed may not be news to you if you’ve navigated over to MetalMiner using your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface, Kindle Fire or [insert highfalutin’ smartphone or tablet here], as MM has been mobile-friendly for quite a while now.

However, as we continue preparing ourselves for the latest in this digital age (MetalMiner Drone℠: Coming Soon!), Spend Matters Network, the umbrella of under which MetalMiner resides, has begun to go mobile-friendly across the board on all its sites. With that, we thought we’d give you a glimpse into where you can find what you need on MetalMiner via your mobile device.

Home Sweet Home


The home page of the site (above) features an image slider at the top including our 5 most recent articles. The lineup can be browsed through a continuous scroll.

Watchu Want, Watchu Need


The menu icon at top-right of the screen will take you to all our menu options, where you can get nearly everything you need from MetalMiner at your fingertips, including…


…member login to get access to prices on the MetalMiner IndX℠, monthly forecast reports, and more.

Over on Our Sister Site

While MetalMiner was a pioneer among the Spend Matters Network sites on the mobile-friendliness front, our sister site Spend Matters got the treatment more recently – but it’s just as neat.


Spend Matters’ mobile site also has all the latest articles and much more featured in a continuous scroll, along with the option (for Plus and PRO members) to log in directly into their accounts.

For more on the Spend Matters mobile interface, check out their site on Monday for our “review” – or just go to spendmatters.com on your mobile device!

And if you’re wondering why it appears as though it took me nearly three hours to take the above screenshots…well, it’s the Enigma of the Week. Speaking of weeks, here’s MetalMiner’s latest Week in Review in case you missed it.

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