US Steel Producers Want Russian Steel Plate Deal Scrapped, EU to Impose GOES Tariffs

Steel imports into the US market are still a hot topic today in MetalCrawler. US producers want more cold war-era steel deals with Russia revoked and the EU is set to start tariffs on grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) this month.

Russian Carbon Steel Plate

US steel producers on Tuesday demanded the Department of Commerce scrap a trade deal sparing Russian producers of carbon steel plate from import duties.

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Nucor Corp., SSAB Enterprises LLC and ArcelorMittal USA said a flood of cheap cut-to-length (CTL) carbon steel plate was hurting the domestic industry.

The domestic producers believe Russian steelmakers have breached the terms of a suspension agreement, originally signed in 1997 and amended in 2003, that deferred anti-dumping duties on the products.

“The suspension agreement and its normal value pricing mechanism have failed to function as originally intended, and instead have facilitated Russian producers’ exports of large and increasing volumes of low-priced CTL plate to the US market,” the companies said in their submission to Commerce.

US steelmakers last year succeeded in removing a suspension agreement on Russian hot-rolled, flat-rolled, carbon quality steel, which had set a cap on imports and a minimum price.

If this second agreement is also revoked, Russia’s Severstal will face anti-dumping duties of 53.81% and other Russian producers and exporters will face duties of 185%, a source close to the petitioners told Reuters.

EU GOES Tariffs Begin This Month

The European Union will begin imposing anti-dumping duties on imports GOES from five countries, according to sources familiar with a European Commission proposal, sometime this month.

The Commission has set tariffs of between 21.6% for Russian imports and 35.9% for Japanese imports of GOES following a complaint lodged in June 2014 by the European steel producers association, Eurofer.

Duties will also cover imports from China (28.7%), the US (22%) and South Korea (22.8%).

The Commission will present its proposal to EU member states this week and by May 14 will put in place the duties, which are provisional pending the outcome of an investigation due to end in November. Normally such duties would then continue for five years.

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