ATI Opens State-of-the-Art Mill, Alcoa Wins Key North Carolina Riverbed Ruling

Welcome back to MetalCrawler where legal disputes over who owns a riverbed and a state-of-the-art new rolling plant take center stage.

ATI Shows Off New Rolling Plant

Allegheny Technologies, Inc. put its innovative, new $1.2 billion ATI Flat-Rolled Products steel mill in Harrison Township, Pa., on display for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, other media and local officials last week with tours of the new facility.

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The new mill takes huge 8 1⁄2-inch thick metal slabs of specialty steel and various alloys that ATI makes, and compresses them with massive rolls into coils, plates and sheets as thin as 0.08 of an inch. When the rolling process is completed, the coils, sheets and plates are shipped for finishing to ATI plants.

Alcoa Wins Key Ruling, Riverbed ‘Not Navigable’

A North Carolina federal judge issued what could be a key ruling recently in a dispute in which aluminum giant Alcoa Inc. seeks to prove it owns the riverbed beneath four hydroelectric dams, saying the rivers weren’t navigable when the United States was born.

US District Judge Terrence W. Boyle found that boats could not have traveled on the 40-mile section of the Yadkin River where Alcoa operates four hydropower dams when North Carolina joined the Union, a ruling that will hinder the state’s efforts to prove that it owns the riverbed, the Associated Press reported.

The states each took ownership of their navigable rivers when they joined the United States, but the finding that the river was not navigable then puts a dent in North Carolina’s attempt to control the rivers from which valuable hydroelectric energy flows.

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