US Manufacturing and the EPA Clean Power Plan

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Rules and regulatory compliance already got ya down? Well, another rule’s comin’…(check out the video above for a preview.)

The final rule of EPA’s Clean Power Plan, set to go into effect mid-summer 2015, will likely have significant financial implications for US manufacturers. The potential cost, supported by several independent third-party studies, could be far below the original estimates put forth by the EPA. This has led to great cause for concern among domestic manufacturers as they already struggle to compete with international companies who, in many cases, receive heavily subsidized energy.

So what are US manufacturers to do? Stay tuned for “What EPA’s Clean Power Plan Could Cost US Businesses (and What Procurement Can Do About It)”. This 45-minute interactive video presentation, with Q&A session following, will feature:

  • Lisa Reisman, CEO, Azul Partners and Executive Editor, MetalMiner™
  • Ross Eisenberg, Vice President, Energy and Resources Policy at National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
  • Mark Pruitt, Principal, Power Bureau
  • Jennifer Diggins, Director, Public Affairs, Nucor Corp.

What You’ll Learn About EPA’s Clean Power Plan

  • What the actual proposed rule entails
  • How manufacturers, including those in the steel industry, view the plan and its potential effects
  • How a typical steel cost breakdown could change
  • The roles volatility and grid reliability play
  • How purchasing / procurement professionals can best prepare themselves for regulatory compliance

Need CEH credit? Attending this webinar will count toward 1 CEH from ISM.

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