Dumpwatch: Commerce Finds Steel Nails Illegally Dumped in the US

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The Commerce Department determined that imports of steel nails from South Korea, Malaysia, Oman, Taiwan, and Vietnam have been sold in the US at dumping margins ranging from up to 11.80% for South Korea, 2.61% to 39.35% for Malaysia 9.10% for Oman, up to 2.24% for Taiwan, and a whopping 323.99% in Vietnam.

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The imports of steel nails from Korea, Malaysia, Oman, and Taiwan received “de minimis” countervailable subsidies resulting in final negative determinations that apply to those countries, respectively. Commerce determined that imports of steel nails from Vietnam received countervailable subsidies ranging from 288.56% to 313.97%.

South Korea

In the South Korea anti-dumping investigation, Commerce found that mandatory respondent Jinheung Steel Corporation and its affiliates Jinsco International Corporation and Duo-Fast Korea Co. Ltd., had not sold steel nails into the US at less than fair value. Mandatory respondent Daejin Steel received a final dumping margin of 11.80%. All other producers/exporters in South Korea received a dumping margin of 11.80%.


In the Vietnam anti-dumping investigation, mandatory respondents Region Industries Co., Ltd., and its affiliated exporter Region International Co., Ltd., and United Nail Products Co., Ltd. failed to respond to Commerce’s request for information and were deemed to be part of the Vietnam-wide entity. Accordingly, they received a final dumping margin of 323.99%. Separate rate applicant Kosteel Vina Limited Company received a final dumping margin of 323.99%. All other producers/exporters were deemed to be part of the Vietnam-wide entity and received the Vietnam-wide margin of 323.99%.

This dumping margin is based on adverse facts available following Commerce’s determination that the Vietnam-wide entity had not fully cooperated in the investigation by failing to respond to Commerce’s requests for information.


Always hyper-vigilant here at DumpWatch, we applaud Commerce’s findings in the Vietnam-wide investigations but have also seen several investigations end in “de minimis” countervailable duties and we wonder if the costs of pursuing these actions are starting to deter US manufacturers from pursuing them.

If the International Trade Commission issues negative injury determinations, the investigations are terminated and no producers or exporters will be subject to future cash deposits for either anti-dumpoing or countervailable duties, as applicable. In such an event, all cash deposits already collected will be refunded. As a result of the negative determinations in the countervailable duties investigations of South Korea, Malaysia, Oman, and Taiwan, the investigations will be terminated and no duties will be collected.

So many of the importing nations essentially receiving no penalty has to be a disappointment to the petitioner for these investigations, Mid Continent Steel & Wire, Inc.

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