Fabricated Metals Jobs Being Reshored to the US

A growing number of industries, including fabricated metals companies, are bringing manufacturing back to the US. According to the Reshoring Initiative, leaders include Master Lock, Quick Fitting (pipe fittings) and Windstream Technologies, a manufacturer of wind turbines.

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Source: Reshoring Initiative Library, Dec. 2014.
Source: Reshoring Initiative Library, Dec. 2014.

Wage growth in China is the main cause of many of these jobs moving back to the US.


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  • Can you tell me where each of the above are coming back to?
    I know Quick Fit is coming back to the great state of RI. How about the others?
    Thank you,
    John Lombari – President R I Carbide Tool Co.
    339C Farnum Pike
    Smithfield, RI 02917


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