Buying Commodities in 2015: Best Practices


We recently held quite the interesting webinar: a debate between the husband-and-wife owners of MetalMiner™ and sister site Spend Matters. Lisa Reisman (executive editor of MetalMiner™) and Jason Busch (founder and group managing director of Spend Matters) conversed back and forth about the merits of sourcing on the spot market and, more specifically, best practices for buying commodities in 2015.

If you couldn’t attend the webinar then fear not, we have you covered. Available to you now, for free, is the guidebook that stemmed from this debate. By reviewing it, you will learn:

  • Why sourcing on the spot market is inherently risky
  • An alternative viewpoint into your direct material commodity spend
  • How to maximize value from our commonly accepted best practices presented
  • Why using indexes when sourcing commodities is often just downright awful strategy

This guidebook is an absolutely essential tool to add to the belt for every purchasing organization out there. If you are buying commodities in today’s markets then this is the comprehensive document for you!

Get your copy today!


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