FREE PDF for Your Toolkit: Commodities Buying Best Practices for 2015

buying-commoditiesIf you are in the commodities buying game for 2015 then boy, do we have the resource for you. Lisa Reisman (CEO, Azul Partners and executive editor, MetalMiner™) and Jason Busch (founder and managing director, Spend Matters) teamed up for the 3 Best Practices for Buying Commodities in 2015.

This is a must-have PDF tool kit for purchasing organizations in today’s markets. It covers why sourcing on the spot market is inherently speculative and therefore risky, as well as why using indexes when sourcing commodities is simply put: bad strategy.

If you want:

  • A unique viewpoint on how you use your direct material commodity spend
  • Information to help you bring maximum value from that spend
  • An engaging and enlightening argument against conventional wisdom

…then this is the report for you!

FREE PDF download

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