Zinc Price Forecast, July 2015: A Surprising Surplus

July 2015 Monthly Metal Buying Outlook copy
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Zinc Drivers

1. Dollar to Euro exchange rate

2. Global production

3. Global capacity utilization

4. Zinc refining capacity utilization rates

Market Commentary

Last month we reported the International Lead and Zinc Study Group suggested 2015 demand for refined zinc would exceed supply by 151,000 metric tons. Those numbers have turned out to be wildly wrong – in fact zinc is running a surplus to the tune of 181,000 metric tons. In addition, buying organizations will want to pay careful attention to the flow of metal into LME warehouses.

According to the most recent LME data available, zinc stocks declined in May by some 57k+
metric tons but some analysts believe that just the opposite will happen through July – more
inventory will make its way into LME warehouses than out of them. In addition, plenty of
extra inventory exists in non-LME warehouses throughout Asia and the United States.

Market sentiment toward zinc has hinged on the supply/demand equation and it has become a little less likely that any real zinc shortage will materialize.

The Outlook

Three-month zinc fell significantly in June, closing at $2,000/mt. As with lead, zinc’s rally this spring wasn’t sustainable in the face of a bearish commodity market. In the long-term we expect zinc prices to stay range-bound at best.

So What Should My Industrial Buying Strategy Be?

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