House Won’t Vote on Senate Transportation Bill, China Gold Imports Fall

The US House will not vote on the Senate’s six-year transportation bill and China’s economic crisis could cause gold imports to plunge there.

House Won’t Vote on Senate Transportation Bill

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, (R-Calif.), says the House will not vote on the Senate’s six-year highway transportation bill. Funding in the federal government’s Highway Trust Fund will run out on July 31st without any further action.

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The House has already adopted a bill that pays for transportation construction through mid-December. The stumbling block appears to be the provision to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank that’s included in the Senate bill. House members will leave for their August recess on Thursday, and funding for Highway Trust Fund expires Friday. The Senate will be in session next week and could choose to vote on the House bill.

Chinese Gold Imports Hit by Lower Credit Rates

China’s gold imports could fall as much as 40% this year as demand for bullion used to back domestic financing deals decreases, the world’s biggest refiner Valcambi told ThomsonReuters. A lot of the gold China imported in the last three years was used to secure cheaper loans due to a liquidity crunch, but that is now flowing back into the market as lending rates drop there.

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