US Producers File Hot-Rolled Steel Anti-Dumping Action, Follows Similar Cold-Rolled Case

Anti-dumping petitions from US producers AK Steel, Nucor Corp., ArcelorMittal USA, SSAB Enterprises, U.S. Steel and Steel Dynamics charge that imports hot-rolled steel flat products from Australia, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United Kingdom are causing material injury to the domestic industry or being “dumped.

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The petitions allege that producers in each of the seven countries are selling hot-rolled steel in the US market at less than fair value, with the following substantial margins of dumping:

Australia: 99.20%
Brazil: 21.80%
Japan: 19.53% – 30.90%
South Korea: 86.96% – 158.93%
Netherlands: 55.21% – 173.17%
Turkey: 96.44% – 200.78%
The United Kingdom: 50.63% – 161.75%

The petitions also allege that the foreign producers in Brazil, South Korea, and Turkey benefit from numerous countervailable subsidies provided by their governments. The petitions identify 33 different subsidy programs in Brazil, 41 subsidy programs in South Korea, and 17 subsidy programs in Turkey.

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China is not one of the countries named in these petitions because imports of hot-rolled steel from China are already subject to an anti-dumping order. The petitions were filed concurrently with the  Department of Commerce and the US International Trade Commission.

This is the third filed flat-rolled sheet trade case in the last three months as US producers filed petitions against corrosion-resistant imports at the start of June and followed that with petitions against cold-rolled imports at the end of July.

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