Upcoming Webinar: Metal Price Forecast October Preview

Get your short- and medium-term buying strategy!
Get your short- and medium-term buying strategy!

It might be difficult to believe but October is almost upon us, and this is the time of year that many service centers and manufacturers will lock in their metal purchases for 2016. While we are hard at work preparing our Annual Buying Guide, the Monthly Metal Buying Outlook reports charge ahead as usual.

Join us Wednesday, September 30 at 1 p.m. CDT for the webinar, PREVIEW: Metal Price Forecasts for October. Our own Lisa Reisman, CEO, Azul Partners and executive editor, MetalMiner™ and John Conolly, managing director, Azul Partners, will give a behind-the-scenes look on how we formulate our Monthly Metal Buying Outlook and what you can expect from your base metal of choice for both the short- and medium-term.

“When” is one of the most important aspects of sourcing base metals. It ultimately impacts your bottom line and production costs, and is one of the main driver of our Monthly Metal Buying Outlook. We will tell you when to buy or hedge while also providing detailed descriptions of the fundamental and technical factors driving prices, price targets and specific strategies for industrial buyers of aluminum, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, tin and many forms of steel.

Register today! and get your metal price forecast for now as well as in the near future!


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