ATI Lockout Enters 5th Week and China’s Copper Output Flattens

A lockout continues for a major specialty steelmaker and China’s copper output is tapering off after the stock market crash there.

USW Says ATI Won’t Return to the Table

The United Steelworkers of America said it’s made another effort to get Allegheny Technologies Inc. back to the bargaining table but the Pittsburgh-based specialty steel company is sticking with its “last, best and final offer,”  which was made more than a month ago, before the five-week-old lockout began.

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USW Vice President Tom Conway said in a release that the union, which represents 2,200 members at 12 Allegheny Technologies’ (locations, met with company representatives on Friday and made a proposal. ATI did not respond.

Chinese Copper Production Slowing Down

China’s production of refined copper inched up just 0.2% in August, after having tumbled in the previous month as smelters restricted metal output due to weak prices and reduced supplies of raw materials in the domestic market.

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Refined copper production stood at 664,954 metric tons in August, compared with 663,520 mt in July, data from the National Bureau of Statistics said on Tuesday.

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